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Thread: BSA Ultra MMC Review

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    nr Tamworth
    I bought an MMC single shot Ultra years ago, love it and still have it.
    Was second hand when i bought it ant the only problems have a few seals needed replacing.
    The cocking action is love it or hate it..i have no issue with it.
    Totally different to my Superten but i enjoy both
    Formerly Ric O'shay but profile lost as not used for a very long time

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoie View Post
    i had the mmc ultra and loved it ...
    This rifle is still in my cabinet Craig. Great little gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by villaman View Post
    What a load of rubbish you speak on the ultra , I have said before to you that is your opinion
    I had one and loved it ,wish i never sold it and with hw mod it was as quiet as most PCP guns . The hammer might have a been a bit on the noisy side
    Never had the pellet probe break ,even after 10,000 + pellets through it and to say pulling you off aim is rubbish !!
    Agree with you 100%. I have had mine in regular use both in the club and on permissions and after many thousands of pellets it shoots even better than the day it was bought. I can cock it with one finger because I MAINTAIN my guns and it's accuracy has never given me a moment's doubt. There are gun owners and then there are gun owners who treat their tools with due respect. I suspect the owner here not the gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catanonia View Post
    New one on me unless you are calling me a runaway slave using the verb, as this is the only one that has any context.
    Anyway I am not going to argue with you anymore on the forum or on the video comments, you have made your point as anyone is entitled to do.

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    Nice well presented online review Steve.

    We don't get enough airgun reviews on the BBS.

    I regret selling my .177 ULTRA SE - it was a super little rifle, very accurate and easy to carry and aim - although mine was only the single shot version, I did enjoy shooting with it.

    Keep up the good work - I will be watching your review of the ULRA SE next.

    Rossendale Target Shooting Club. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening 7 - 10pm.

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