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Thread: Kriss Defiance DMK22C .22LR

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    New kriss vector .22lr is out, just to throw that in the mix 😂

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    There are RFD's in this country making substantial profits from importing various AR-15 brands and parts. They have created/sustained a niche market for gullible shooters who think the more they spend the better they will shoot, to repent at their leisure when the humble S&W 15-22, 10-22 or now Kriss shooter leaves them standing with thumb up their bum due to their 'gucci' Spikes or similar letting them down again.

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    My first post on this forum

    Iíve got a kriss defiance DMK22 and the kriss 15 round mags work well, extractor faultless so far, firing pin was changed by the previous owner after it broke with very few rounds on it, Iíve had the bolt catch break and Ken from shield sent me a new one

    Iíve got a S&W 25 round mag and it always fails to feed properly on the last round, Iíve bought the little stick on patch to reduce the slop in the mag well but yet to shoot it with that fitted but will do in a couple of days

    All told a fantastic rifle and Iím glad I bought it

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