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Thread: Lantac Raven .223 Wylde Straight Pull AR-15 Rifle

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    Lantac Raven .223 Wylde Straight Pull AR-15 Rifle

    Firstly feast your eyes on my new rifle.

    Having previously owned a Lantac Raven TCR I'm fairly familiar with straight pull AR rifles and I was very happy with my 16.5" 1-7 barrel TCR.
    What I wasn't so happy with was the quad rail, I had no intention of bolting anything to that end of the rifle and wanted something slimmer and sleeker.

    Lantac in the meantime had expanded to Ft Worth Texas where they have their own CNC machines and equipment.

    I called the UK office to buy a new SPADA handguard when it was mentioned that a new straight pull was coming with a slicker purpose made bolt carrier.
    The spec also had a 18" 1-8 barrel chambered in .223 Wylde, Lantac's own billet upper and lower, Lantac Dragon muzzle brake, Giessele G2S trigger, 15" Lantac SPADA-M handguard with M-LOK and Magpul furniture.
    Radian Raptor ambi charging handle and Talon ambi safety. The real stand out feature is the new options on the side charging handle, 3 different knob options and a stubby which connects directly to the carrier if you don't want the dog leg.
    A deposit was placed and the older TCR was put up for sale. Selling my other Lantac went quite easily and I got back what it had cost me.

    The new rifle arrived and I had opted to upgrade to a Lantac ECT-1 3.5lb single stage trigger and the new Ratchet Plate System which replaces the antiquated castle nut and end plate
    I collected from Harrogate and took my new rifle home, with a 2.5-10x42 scope fitted it was out to my local range.
    Weather being against us with serious fog there wasn't much chance of seeing the 100 yard board, but the 50 was clear enough to get some rounds on paper.
    Single hole 10 round groups with the cheap 62gr ammo I had for testing, giving the scope some windage to keep from shooting up the aiming point.
    As well as it shot, it was really the operation of the rifle that impressed me and a few others I let have a go.
    The new carrier is really so smooth that it loads more with a flick of two fingers than a pull on the charging handle.

    More shooting will be done when the weather improves and when I've put together more 77gr SMKs.

    Lantac have recently announced an updated version the GEN2 which has a few modifications and their latest handguard.
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