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Thread: RWS Rapier or Excalibre.

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    Good call! I have a Rapier in .22. I love it. Great wood, lovely lines and very accurate, but if you need it serviced you need to find someone who really knows them. I have heard people think them too long for hunting and with a mod on the end they're quite a long beast, for sure. But so elegant, beautifully proportioned. They do come up on Guntrader from time to time. Made by FX, I believe they were also sold as the FX Timberwolf, Logun Gemini, and Webley FX2000. Not sure whether there are any quality differences between them, but certainly the RWS Rapier is very high standard. If you like nice wood, definitely one to look for. The two shot shuttle is a bit of a faff but you get used to it - I usually just use it as a single loader. Might be pellet fussy - I haven't done extensive tests but I found it liked AAF 5.51s and have stuck with them.

    EDIT: Doh! Hadn't noticed this was an old thread.
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