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Thread: Falcon S18i 3-18x50 FFP 覧 Review

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    Wink Falcon S18i 3-18x50 FFP 覧 Review

    Falcon S18i 3-18x50 FFP

    Before I made the purchase I surveyed and compared the specs of about 40+ scopes that had 2x, 3x, or 4x on the bottom magnification, and at least 16x on the top magnification.
    Most scopes I surveyed were between 300 and $500,
    had a hold-off reticle (hash lines or dots), and
    had exposed turrets.
    I selected the Falcon above all others.
    And after using it for half a year now, I'd purchase it again!

    🔶 My reasoning:

    (1) For hunting the bottom end of the magnification is very important a 6x magnification makes it hard to acquire your quarry for a quick shot if it pops up close-by.

    4x is already much better. 3x is really quick it gives you twice the field of view than a 6x.

    (2) However, often 3x scopes only go up to 12x. The Falcon S18i goes up to 18x top end mangnification = nice if I not only want to see my target for shooting, but for seeing my impact holes...! Even out to 100y I can see my hits...!

    (3) To me having a first focal plain reticles (FFP) instead of a second focal plain (SFP) is so much more convenient I can memorize just one set of hold-offs, that is valid at any magnification.
    Sure, if I was only using one magnification when hunting the FFP wouldn't be necessary but why then buy a variable magnification scope in the first place?!
    And yes, if I was only target shooting, FFP is not needed, but most shooters don't only target shoot....

    (4) I'm mostly a turret dialer, and I like to shoot longer ranges if you shoot sub-12FPE or if you shoot heavy slugs with a FAC, this will require a lot of elevation turret dialing probably more than just 5mil/ 15moa.
    Therefore, I appreciate that the turrets dial all of 10 mils (c. 33moa) in just one revolution! (better than only 5 mils, or an uneven 6 mils).

    And if I go beyond that, there is a turret revolution counter (markings to show me that I'm already one or more full turns up on the turret) (this is a rare feature to find in this price class).

    The clicks are very crisp and audible = good quality.

    (5) I do not range using the parallax focus (a la field target), instead I use a range finder, much more precise, esp. beyond 40 yards. Therefore, I want to adjust the parallax with as little turning as possible and the Falcon delivers exactly that.

    (6) For long range shooting and heavy slugs I need a lot of elevation adjustment range as I dial my shots. The Falcon offers 90 moa elevation adjustment range (only the SWFA on my survey list beats this in this price class, 120 moa). Mine actually dials 105 moa total.

    (7) When I do hold off by a lot of mils, I do get confused by the many lines, and have to start counting: "1mil, 2mil, 3mil, 4mil, 4.8mil OK!"

    But the Falcon S18i has numbers in the reticle to make this much quicker (2, 4, 6, )

    (8) The scope has a red IR, with a quick dial:

    On Level #1 Off On Level #2 Off On #3 Off On $4 Off etc. etc.

    (9) At 31.1oz this is not a light scope, but it's much easier to save weight on a rifle without loosing quality, than to save weight on a scope and still get good glass and full features. My bullpup only weighs 6 lbs, so no sweat.

    (10) The turrets have little holes in them, where one can store pellets, I guess.

    Or I can 3D-print turret bonnets that can be affixed to the turret easily using those holes. For each pellet or power combination, I'd have a turret bonnet. When I switch pellets, I just swap the turret bonnet for one with the adjusted values on the turret tape.

    ================================================== ============

    As I said, there is no scope that has all those features, at that price.

    As close runner ups on my list I had:

    SWFA 3-15ラ42

    (BUT: no IR | uneven 6mil per turret revolution | small eye box due to the small objective lens of 42mm | ugly turrets | very tough and repeatable turret dialing however $150 to $250 more expensive)

    Discovery HD/34mm 3-18ラ50 SFIR FFP (No. 170108)

    (BUT: Only 3 year warranty | 34mm tube, i.e., fewer choices on rings | uneven 6 mil per turret revolution | nice wide field of view, even for a 3x)

    Have fun shopping. I'd buy the Falcon S18i again, immediately.


    PS: I'd post my scope table with the specs (prices, warranty, reticle type, turret type, weight, length, FOV, eye box, IR, max. elevation adjustment) 覧 but I still don't have the "right to post attachments" 覧 so, that'll have to wait.

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    Did you look at the Vector Taurus 3-18x50 ffp ?

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    I agree wholeheartedly with you JungleShooter I have one on my .223 Howa and use it for pest control and target shooting. As you say I was so impressed by the performance and price I bought another for my FAC air rifle.

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    interesting, i was going to get the hawk airmax 30 ffp till i seen this
    whats the glass like

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    Nice review I use SWFA 10x42痴 but fill like I need more magnification was thinking about the SWFA 3x15 but could not justify the price this could be the answer sham nobody has them in stock at the moment

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