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Thread: Long range .22 sub 12ftlb ???

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    Yes .22 will easily travel 100yds. Simple but counter intuitive answer is that a heavier pellet will fly slower for any given power level but will retain MORE energy at all distances & be less affected by wind. If you want descent groups, use the heaviest pellet with the best BC that your gun will shoot accurately with repeatable consistent velocities, combine that with weighing your pellets & visually inspect them when weighing them & either shoot indoors or on very still days for best results.

    Problem with springers is they usually perform best with lighter pellets, there are some highish BC pellets in the 13.5 area, if your gun can shoot them well, they would be your best choice. You can push a 13.4grn pellet with 0.026 BC to 635fps which is exactly 12ft/lb which still has 4.9ft/lb at 100yds.

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    Best I did with a full size HW100 at 50 metres was a 10 shot group 8mm x 13mm centre to centre rested on front and rear bags. Outdoor range but no wind to speak of.

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    I had a tx200hc years ago that would print groups at 50 yards with ease, it was .177 flavour and was a fantastic rifle, had it for years, my only gun at the time and wish i still had it now.
    Moved onto pcp’s, as stupidly i thought they were More accurate than the springers 😌. The multiple pcp’s i got after wasnt a Patch on the tx, but then again i didn’t keep them that long to get the best from any of them.
    wish i had a time machine tho, The amount of guns/cars/bikes/tools/gadgets iv traded/sold to get something i thought was better 🙄, probably why i keep everything i buy these days, most things anyway.

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    I've found about 70 yards max with .22 cal and achieve good results, Around the 90 yards with 177cal. That's all I seem to do now is plink or target shoot,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lordy75 View Post
    Thankyou for the reply , so i wouldnt be restricted to using my 177 for target shhoting , a .22 is quite capable to say 75 yds for targets . Cheers webleywombler.
    they are both just as accurate, the difference is the more dramatic drop on the 22 pellet due to the heavier weight. As long as you have a good quality rifle you'll be fine over 80 meters. Ive personally done targets at 90 meter with my HW100 .22 at 11.5ft lb

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    I used to shoot on a farm years ago and would shoot 300 yards or more over a tilled field on a slight rise. aim for a clod of earth or stone with the barrel raised just out of scope could hit the same place quite often with a puff of dust from the strike, very satisfying, i once placed an old gramophone record out about the same distance which i could hit and could penetrate. I think the air rifle was a Webly Hawke .22 and a BSA Airsporter.
    I was looking on youtube at slug shooting in South Africa using the FX impact in 79ftb, got me thinking using 12 ftb with slugs and thought that a light slug in .177 would be stable enough at .177 velocities higher than .22 and would be accurate at longer distances with the slug over a pellet, A company called Griffin do slugs in lighter weights at 10 grains. Any one tried Griffin slugs before.

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