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Thread: Long range .22 sub 12ftlb ???

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    long range sub 12

    ive got weihrauchw100ks .20 cal ,shot pigeon outa tree fair distance had to give it a bit ,range findered it me and pal both done it shockingly 82 yds regular sixty yd shots serious accurate gun chroned it gun producing 11.65 was well chuffed best shot i ever done ,sub 12 are capable guns

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesim1 View Post
    .22 is fine for 75 to 100m if it's at a fixed distance and your scope can handle the elevation, you may need to shim it for such a distance as the pellet drop is huge. Remember your "groups" will get worse the further you go, so you may find even hitting tin cans is a challenge and your totally wasting your time with any kind of breeze let alone wind. Personally I'd go less distance and try to challenge the accuracy rather than trying to stretch the range with far less accuracy - but give it a go and see how you get on. Paper plates would be a reasonable target
    The new generation of slugs that are now more available can make a world of difference on a windy day....There are very many videos on youtube of shooters using these in sub 12 foot poudts rifles at extreem distances.

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