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Thread: Air arms s510 R in .177

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    Air arms s510 R in .177

    Just a quick review,recently bought the above from a very nice member on here.a four month old example in a laminate stock.i know itís a bit of an old workhorse with a bit of a revamp but it was a good price so I thought I would take a punt.background here is that I have three other top end guns so the air arms had to be good.
    Stock is lovely fully adjustable and really well finished,studs fitted as standard.the recess underneath the stock for the manometer is a bit deep and Ime not sure I like the gauge without a needle showing the air reserve.
    Onto the action, the side lever cocking is silky smooth and rhe mag is the old tried and tested ten shot,although on this model itís a smoked colour instead of the yellow tinge of is a gripe,I think the finish on the cylinder is weak as in the blueing,and will be keeping that covered in a very thin cover of protective oil at all times.
    I was sceptical about the claims about the silencer on this gun but it really is very very quiet so no need to change it.
    The main function of this rifle for me is hunting,so it has to be accurate to the point that I need to hit a squirrel in the head out to 40 m.i went through the usual quality pellets and settled on the jsb heavy.
    It is astoundingly accurate,and for me itís a pleasure to shoot.
    One thing or two actually,the trigger.
    This is the best out of the box trigger without adjusting I have ever had.
    The safety is the worst on any air gun,why put a safety on the trigger??????
    Itís a keeper,I paid 800 for this and it will keep up with rifles twice this price.
    Atb and hope this helps any prospective buyers.

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    good review bud ive the same gun but in 22 lovely gun shoots spot on but im not keen on the gauge

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    I have recently bought a new one in Walnut as I didn't have an Air Arms PCP, and seeing one of these just had to have it.

    Unfortunately I have only had the option of using it once so far, and tomorrow I am really looking forward to using it again.
    My initial thoughts when I first used it are the same as Woodpigeons to be honest.

    I did pellet testing on quite a blustery day at 25 yards and soon found the correct pellet. I obviously tried Air Arms they were pretty good as were the JSBs in 4.42 didn't like the 4.53s though and it also didn't like H&Ns.
    I then tried the QYS FT domed grade in 4.50, Oh my god, no comparison to the others. Between the others, 5 shots left a group the size of a 5p, not bad. Then I fired 5 shots using the QYS and I was blown away, the group was one .22 sized hole maybe slightly larger, then touching that a single hole.
    I repeated it twice to ensure they were that good, the following groups were pretty much identical. It has now got me thinking about trying them in my other PCPs even though the groups on the others are good, the S510R is outstanding.

    Is it the pellet or is it the rifle. As much as I love my HW100, HW110, and R10 they are all very accurate but the S510 feels different. I think it's because of the adjustments to the cheek piece and buttplate, it really fits me the best. As soon as I shouldered it, it felt good, very good. It feels just wonderful to hold, everything about it feels right. Like Woody says it's so smooth to cock, it's so quiet. I bought a single loader from Rowan Engineering as I only use them on all my PCPs and that is as good quality as the rest of the rifle.

    The filling gauge doesn't bother me as I have similar and used to that although it is deeply set, for me is not a problem. The trigger is very nice, but for me I just need to make it slighter lighter. The safety catch does seem strange where it is, but as I will very rarely if at all use it, again it's not a problem. On the cylinder it has a clear plastic cover on it, and wasn't sure to take it off or leave it. I had a good look at it when I took the stock off to oil the stock and decided for the time being to leave it on.

    At the moment I can see this rifle being my favourite, which after having used the Weihrauchs and the R10 didn't think it would be. It has a lovely grain on the stock and over the last couple of weeks I have been oiling it. Not only does it now look even more lovely, it smells it too. I just love the smell of English Walnut oil.

    The only downer of this rifle for me is the fact it's a left side load. I much prefer right side as I am hopeless using my left hand, and I get in a right 2 & 8 loading at times. I tend to lean over with my right hand to load it as I find it easier than using my left. My friend who shoots next to me keeps nagging me when he sees me doing that and is in the process of getting me used to loading cack handed. The other thing is I have a large sidewheel on my scope which I am unable to use.
    I obviously knew which side it loaded before buying it, so it's only a preference thing for me nothing to detract how very good this rifle is.

    So although, it for me is early days using this Air Arms S510R, I think it is an amazing piece of kit, I absolutely love it, I bonded with it straight away. It was love at first shot.
    If my views change after I have used this more I will follow up this thread. I just get the feeling it certainly won't be negative ones.
    Shooting Air Rifles is like being a pubic hair on a toilet seat.
    Eventually someone comes a long and P's you off.
    They usually have a PCP

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    i have a 510 u/s sporter /its regged. the stock is the rubberised version. i love the rifle /not so keen on the stock, so i bought a wooden 410 stock s/hand. it came with a adjustable butt plate. this suits me fine . i use jsb 10.34 heavy pellets they work the best for me. i used too have normal 510 carbine i loved that too .but sold it on a year or so ago. mine is just under a year old and i payed £750 for it. i will deff keep this one it does all i want at present shooting bench rest competition with it ,, it s very accurate.

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    I bought a regular AA US then send it to Ratworks after a year of use. It has been regged, tuned, quick fill and accurate manometer added and rowan trigger installed as well. It shoots 5p 5 shots groups at 50 yards all day. 3 out of 5 pellets goes in to the same hole. 30% of the groups are single hole. Mine likes JSB exacts and AA fields. Tried two different weights of QYS and unfortunatelly they did not worked in my gun!

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    Trigger with an attitude

    I have acquired a new AA S510xs (regulated) Carbine in .22cal with walnut stock. This was a longtime 'desired' airgun...but not my first PCP. As others have praised the features and accuracy...I agreed. However, I have a 'gritty' trigger. I mean it is as if the 'take up' was riding along emery paper.
    I mentioned to the AA authorized dealer from whom I purchased the airgun my concern. I was told: it will wear-in...over time. What????? No way!
    Interested in hearing from other 'owners' opinion on their 'trigger experience'. Since I'm located outside the UK (yes...across the Pond)...I don't have the privilege to contact Air Arms directly with my concern, as you Englishmen do. I'm sure 'someone' at AA would be interested in listening to my concern or at least suggest a 'fix'. Comments and suggestion are welcome.
    My British collection: Daystate Huntsman Regal XL .25 Air Arms S510xs Carbine .22cal
    BSA SuperSportSE grt .22 Webley & Scott MkVI revolver .177 Webley Hurricane .177 Webley Tempest .177 Webley ALECTO .22

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    Thanks for taking the trouble to write this review I've definitely found it useful. I'm looking to buy my first PCP and this rifle is at the top of my list so reading unbiased reviews like this really helps, especially with the extra information regarding pellet choice. Cheers mate

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