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Thread: Savage Model 12 BVSS in .223

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    Savage Model 12 BVSS in .223

    I bought this rifle second hand and I remain impressed... it is one of several similar models... 26" ss fluted barrel, free floating, Screw cut with cap.
    1 in 9 twist, accu trigger adjusts down to 1.5lbs. Will handle bullet weights 40gn to 75 gn. Best weights were 69/75gns.
    A heavyweight at 10lb with laminated benchrest style stock. Has a 4 round "blind" internal mag. Shot it at Bisley 300 yards, gave sub moa groups with my home loads and 75gn Sierra bullet. The previous owner also provided a second synthetic stock... he had transferred the action into the synthetic stock and used the rifle to shoot foxes.. at 400 yards, he claimed!

    The Savage barrel has a large adjustable collar for headspace adjustment.. the bolt handle is large and chunky. It is an excellent bench rest rifle. No problems at all.. so far.


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    deal, kent
    i had one a few years ago looks nice with the thick barrel,shot quite good at 300y
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    I have a Savage ftr in 308 and we also the same model as a club rifle; not heard any complaints, just the opposite, excellent rifles straight out of the box.
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    I've got one (223) as well although not cut for a moderator
    Cracking rifles loves 69grain bullets (with N140)and will hold the V bull on an F class target at 300 & 600 yds) if I read the wind well

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