This has to be one of the most 3-12 compact scopes around.
The spec is pretty impressive too.
3-12 magnification
Mildot reticle
Illuminated (red/green)
Resettable pull adjust/push lock turrets.
203mm long
403g weight
Includes one piece offset picatinny mount.

So what's it like?

It comes in a decent quality box that's robust and protects it well. Unusually the box has a full length hinge at the back as opposed to a slide out or lift up lid.
Opening the box the first thing you notice when you open the box is how small it is. It really is tiny! It comes with a picatinny mount (one piece offset), Allen key for adjustment, lens cloth and two flip up lens covers. The lens covers are pretty naff but they are functional. They just feel flimsy.

The writing is gold in colour but looks a bit poorly applied on the turrets and objective ring. It's purely cosmetic but it's not great.

Trying the controls they are smooth and consistent in operation though the pull out turrets could do with a more positive click when pulling out to unlock or pushing to lock. Other than that the turrets are light but positive to operate. Likewise the objective ring and ocular focus are smooth and we'll weighted. The magnification ring also feels smooth and we'll weighted. The IR control is the usual left side rotary switch with CR2032 battery stored under a screw on cover on the end of the switch.

I bought this as a compact lightweight scope for the Kozak so the next step was fitting it.
The first thing to notice is the short eye relief requires the scope to be mounted a long way back. So much so the offset mount had to be reversed and even then the mount is on the second last position.

Looking through the scope the reticle is a mildot reticle with a small central circle. As you move magnification from 12 towards 3 the mildots on the reticle pretty much disappear at around 4-5x magnification. At 3x the reticle looks like a basic cross surrounded by 4 thick pointers similar to a traditional 30/30 style reticle.

Setting the ocular focus is fiddly to get it exactly right.
Focusing goes from 3m to infinity and is smooth and precise in operation. The focusing is via the rotation of the objective ring.

The image is sharp and clear and shows no signs of chromatic aberration when viewing high contrast subjects. There is perhaps a hint of spherical aberration at 3x magnification but it's only slight and shouldn't cause concern.

The illumination only illuminates the central mildot so doesn't become excessively bright.

The scope was bought from AliExpress where it can be found under the Ohhunt brand or Sniper-VT brand. They appear to be the same item.

Price paid was 81 delivered.

Well for the money this is a very nice little scope. Not sure how much use FFP will be on such a small scope.

Given I wanted a small compact lightweight scope for the Kozak this fits the bill very well. Compared to the 3-12x44 Discovery fitted previously it's definitely helped improve the nose heavy balance and slightly top heavy feel of the gun making it far easier to hold on target at full magnification.