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Thread: Bell Target

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuyajonathan View Post
    Made this comment else where here before, few 'Bougard/Bougord's feature in the photos, quite prominate Guernsey family, small holders/ market gardeners, family member Clifford Bougard came from Channel Islands to Nailsea, Somerset about 1900, set up successful grocery shop with market garden, heated green houses, supplied Bristol fruit &'veg wholesale market. Grew up with William, one of his grandsons, Cliff, William & his Dad were keen shooters, keeping pigeons, rats etc under control, recall target shooting too.
    Thanks, I do recall. I put some of these up on of of JM' s threads.

    Smell my cheese

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    Bell target postcard

    I posted this over on collectables, may be of interest:

    Quote Originally Posted by ptdunk View Post
    Closeups from a 1906 postcard showing a bell target comp.
    This used to belong to edbear2 and found it's way onto the 'bay and is now framed on one of my shelves.
    It's been shared before but only quite a low res image, it's absolutely tiny, just over 3''x 5'' so I did a high res scan and thought it might be of interest.

    They make quite a stylish little group, looks like the Post office team up against another club.




    Detailed enough to print out at A4, pics will be on Danny's website.


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    So many people in front of the firing point , would have my club range officer throw a wobbler
    Think it should be made compulsory to wear either a straw boater or a bowler hat in modern bell target shooting..

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    amaizing photos and atier! love it
    my 2 in 1 self resetting HFT training/plinking metal targets for sale in brand new items section

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    As I understand it earlier Bell tgt days would have been Milita's and Gems, not much more around in fairness. Loads of UK businesses imprted Milita's many with their own names added at some point. L J certainly imported them and as I understand it cut them up; added his gas tap mod [devised with his gas fitter neighbour's help] and cocking mech thus developing the rifle that pretty much revolutionised Bell Tgt. As far as I'm aware Frank's book is still available but I think in digital form. I'm lucky I knew Frank very well and have a dedicated signed copy. For sure the links to Bell sites as shown will provide a mountain of info.
    It does appear that it was a sport set in local areas; Bridgend and Bridgnorth being amongst the oldest, and surprisingly there were a lot more ladies involved in the early days, again I think Bridgend can show it.
    I shoot on the Wolvwerhampton A R L formed as a Bell Lge in 1972, aged 75 I've shot in every year from 1973, now proud to be Chairman.
    To anyone wanting an amazing sport, try it !
    To existing shooters keep it up you're part of of a legendary sport and long may we all continue.

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