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Thread: Sig Sauer X5

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    Sig Sauer X5

    What are your thoughts on the Sig Sauer X5 as a target pistol, will I be frowned upon if I turn up to a gun club with it?
    Are there any hacks on making these super accurate, I have had it a couple of weeks and it seems accurate enough with a quick tweak of the rear sight.
    To be completely honest, I bought 3 pistols all CO2 when really I should have just gone for a dedicated target pistol as thats what I prefer, but as I have not been an active shooter for over 30 years I let my eyes do the shopping and didnt quite think things through, I do like the Sig but dont think its quite right for a target pistol, especially at a club.
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    Plinking fine, but I'd say no as a target pistol. If your club is a serious target club I've no doubt you will be steered towards a more suitable pistol, one that would be allowed in competition. If not, crack on.

    If you want to do proper target AP at 10m and or 20yard I'd get a target pistol.

    Can't comment on rapid fire comps tho as I don't do it. Wouldn't have thought Co2 would be great for that either to be honest.
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    Sig Sauer X5

    I have a Sig X5 and can say it will fire the 20 pellets as fast as I can pull the trigger. Better with a new co2 bulb. Have a spare magazine and it clips in easily and as quick as I can. Practice
    this to improve time. IF you are local to me you are welcome to try out.

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    If you want to do serious target work avoid anything CO2, they are just for playing.

    If you just want a plink go for it.

    For something accurate for not much money try the Artemis PCP pistols at around (last I looked) 180-200 quid. Build quality is sketchy but for the money they're very good.


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