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Thread: cp88 4" Front screw size help?

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    cp88 4" Front screw size help?

    Hello all, i was messing around with the front silencer adaptor and lost the original front screw on it. Does anybody know what the screw size is and what thread so a can pick one up off .bay or somewhere? Thanks m
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    Not trying to be facetious, really just trying to help, but they're available from Chambers/Gunspares (though doesn't confirm size):

    Part number B1673 - 3.16 from

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    I think you will find the thread size is 3mm. and the length is approx. 15mm.

    I have a box of similar screws, ex computers, so give me your address by PM, and I will put one in the post. It may not be Hex Head as per the original, but will do the job.
    I have one of the silencer adaptors in front of me right now.
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