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Thread: Smelly Shooting Jackets

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    Quote Originally Posted by zooma View Post

    I got an Ian Jones shooting glove - I am right handed so it fits on my left hand - remind me again why you (a left handed shooter) bought it for yourself ?

    Thats easy. I knew I could sell it to some mug for a profit.

    I remember when Prince Charles visited 'Rottenstall' a few years ago. Despite it being a really hot day he turned up in an expensive suit and a red fur hat. The major of Rottenstall had to ask - "Why the fur head gear?"
    "Well" said Charlie Boy "When I told mummy I was coming to Rottenstall she said Wear the fox hat "
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    Quote Originally Posted by I. J. View Post
    Thats easy. "Wear the fox hat[/I][/B] "
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