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Thread: Lantac Raven 9mm Straight Pull Rifle

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    Lantac Raven 9mm Straight Pull Rifle

    The latest addition to my safe.

    Lantac Raven 9mm Straight Pull Rifle.

    I've had this a few months, but with current regs range visits have been few and far between.

    Currently had almost 250 rounds of 124gr S&B factory ammo through it, 100 100Gr Fiochi and 100 115gr PPU.

    All rounds fed, fired and ejected. 124gr grouped the best. Ejection with a fairly gentle pull on the side charger is just past the right elbow, a more forceful tug will send it across the firing point and you'll need to scramble to get it before the souvenir collectors snaffle it away.

    As this is pistol calibre, it's ideal for your average 25-50 yard indoor gallery range.

    Feeding is via an insert that goes inside your typical 30 round Magpul PMAG, 30 round capacity.

    It's also been coated in Crye Black Multicam.

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    Nice bit of kit, looks so much better with the 9mm mag insert for me. Enjoy
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