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Thread: Turk vs UK Tempest

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    Turk vs UK Tempest

    For those interested in the differences between a uk Tempest and turkish Tempest (Finale), here it goes.
    The turk has more greyish finish on the rear of the frame and a matte triggerguard.
    The turk has larger rear sight and action screws
    The turk has a different grip pattern on the barrel. And as another member noted correctly, its irregular. The barrel of the turk has visible machining marks.
    The turk has a seem in the middle of the underside of the front plastic and it is slanting towards the barrel.
    The english has lettering at the underside of the frontplastic
    The turk has its serialnumer on the bottom of the grip in white
    The turk has the caliber mentioned n the barrel instead of n
    The safety of the turk has a rib on it. (and is said not to be interchangable).
    Caliber on the turk barrel is 5.5 instead of 5.6?!
    I did 1 testshot and my initial thought was that the barrel indeed felt more tight. Had to push the pellet in wheras they usually drop in. But it was the standard pellet I used so not sure yet.
    Crown of the turk was bald. Yes its used but so is the uk tempest.
    The turk already had damage from the barrel lockup.
    The underside of the turks grip was flat wheras the english on has some kinda seam (different production process?).
    Well, these are the optical differences. Hope to find out soon how it shoots!


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    good review

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    Also the Turkish version has solid frame pins instead of the British spirol pins.
    I like the matt finish grip on the Turk as well.

    But that barrel finishing is pants...

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