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Thread: Airgun Benchrest

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    Airgun Benchrest

    Hi all.
    I shoot regular small bore in benchrest comps, and in the past shot 10M, air rifle.
    however with the advent of my FAC renewal and cant really face long term the hassel of it again.
    quite interested in if there is an active interest in 25m benchrest for airguns? are there any purpose build benchrest guns at normal sub 12 ft/lb level?

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    Benchrest rifle

    Few companies do actual benchrest air rifles, Ataman do a competitive one at a decent price. A good option would be to get a good second hand Air Arms HFT500 and put it in a BR stock, put a Sightron 36x fixed power scope on top and you'll have a really good setup.

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    Rapid do a popular benchrest pcp at a fair price and if you have 4k to spend, then Thomas Air rifles will supply you a BR 12 ft lb model. Importing the Thomas may present problem. Or you could buy a wedge to fit the stock dovetail and fit it to a HFT 500, an EV2 or similar FT rifle.
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    There is quite a big following for 25m BR in the UK with Sub 12fpe air guns, but not that many purpose built manufactured ones. It's far more common for people to either use stands, bipods, or a custom stock for BR, and dozens of rifles are regularly used for it from the cheap to the elite.

    A few which are used for it, especially at club level are:

    Daystate Red Wolf
    Daystate Wolverine R
    Steyr LG110
    Walther LG400
    FWB P800
    Annie 9015
    Tsar/Ataman M2

    Ask at a local club or join the UK benchrest club:
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