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Thread: The Dr. Bob Vendetta Production Block review: Still a Block Too Far…………..

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    The Dr. Bob Vendetta Production Block review: Still a Block Too Far…………..

    Please see my Previous review for the original Vendetta PP block here:
    Dr Bob Vendetta PP Block (
    This block is the improved block that was meant to have had the issues fixed from the original PP blocks that were produced by Dr. Bob in a limited run that were sadly out of spec and needed modding to work, (All covered in the original review linked above) I was probably the 3rd person to receive their block from the new batch after Dr. Bob offered a deal to either replace the PP blocks or I could buy a new block at cost price of £160 being a collector of all things rapid I took the second option……. On opening the packaging the finish was a lot better and block looks a lot better marked with laser engraving?

    I started assembling it from my stock of Theoben and Raw parts that I have built up over the years from Theoben themselves when in business and from Raw when I have ordered spares so all parts standard spec parts, These blocks are meant to be a straight swap from a mk4 triggered post 2007 rapid block other than the valve stand-off required due to the longer block.

    I have stripped down and assembled many mk4 triggered rapids over the years and they are possibly the easiest gun in the world to strip and reseal or swap valves on so I like to think I am quite adept to at least build the block up and if it needs tuning and setting up then that will be a job for someone with more time and patience than me! Normally Bucketboy from the R7OC who is probably the best Tuner of Rapids in the U.K. is not a bloke you go to for a general repair, I ran into a problem with the Valve body first of all with the standard valve tail not fitting in the valve tail hold in the block.

    I tried several standard sized valves before I found a modded one that was slightly undersize to fit so I could continue the build, I then fitted the Bolt and probe assembly, I then dropped a mk4 trigger hammer in (Not a MK3 trigger hammer there is a difference and easy to see) followed by a Theoben mk4 trigger unit , this was a very tight fit in the trigger pocket and I had to try x6 trigger units to get one that fitted (x2 theoben units x2 raw units and x2 Dr.Bob made mk4 trigger units) followed by a Inertia weight, washer, hammer spring and Hammer cap as per normal Theoben setup it should be noted that the threads for the hammer cap are non-standard Theoben size and an oversized hammer cap is supplied by Dr.Bob, I then fitted valve spring standoff, valve spring and Valve cap and had a working action…… Or I should have had a working action that is….. When cocked and on pulling the trigger the Hammer overshot the sear and jammed the action up and then the trigger had to be dropped out to free it off! Not a great start!

    Non Standard Theoben Parts:
    Hammer spring Cap not standard size
    Valve Body under size due to anodizing to thick
    Hammer pocket under size
    Side plate lug missing due to machining issue

    Anyway after running out of patience with, it I bungled it up along with all the triggers and several sets of internal parts and took a trip to see Bucketboy!

    After a few weeks I got the message from Bucketboy that it was up and running but that he had to make a new valve, fit the same sleeve as in the PP vendetta blocks to stop the hammer porposing the same as on the PP blocks, standard Theoben barrel had to be skimmed on the lathe to drop it down so that it could be got in and out easily, its up and running okish or as good as its going to be.

    Overall It would seem that these blocks whilst looking a lot better still have some issues the same as the PP blocks plus a new one thrown in, there were some delays in the manufacturing of them that caused a few headaches but I don’t think that they are what they are intended to be originally i.e. a 100% Theoben compatible block that you can swap all your parts from a mk2 into in an hour or so without any issues and with only hand tools so therefore do not believe they are fit for purpose.

    Believe from what I have been told Dr. Bob is no longer selling these as bare blocks due to issues with building them up.

    Obviously the above review is just my opinion and experience of my block build and I am sure people will have had their blocks go together flawlessly, I also have no doubt that the manufacturer will have something to say about it.

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    Thanks Guy, I think i am still staying with the original block at the moment,,
    I Think the only Vendetta block i may ever own is the the one i may win when you raffle yours off, Lol. I wont be bothered about standard parts not fitting as Pete will have work his magic on the block by then and should still last a lifetime.. Like you say,, The block is not fit for the purpose if its still having trouble with standard parts.. A very good try by Dr Bob though and i wish it could have turned out better for him and the rapid owners, Col.

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