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    Daystate Revere

    Just got myself one of these from airgun centre Rayleigh in .177, I have always been a big fan of the HW100 and itís well designed and well constructed engineering.
    With the Revere think HW100 but more refined the magazine is superbly thought out and I like the way it is magnetically guided into position, you get a single shot tray provided as well but only one rotary magazine which is a shame especially as spares are over £70!
    Itís a side lever with a shrouded barrel and although not as quiet as with a moderator itís still not overly loud (about the same as a silenced springer I would say) the walnut woodwork is superb, I wonít be leaving this in a corner with the other guns.
    As itís pay day if you are feeling a bit wreckless and the wifeís not around why not treat yourself, itís not like you can spend the money on a holiday.
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    I have just got one of these as well and I believe Darko from calm mags does a magazine that works but I think it might be a 10 shot I will let you know when I get it

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    I might have bought 1 or 2 of these this year. They are beautiful, accurate and a pleasure to walk around with. Can't fault them one bit. An excellent choice Sir.

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