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Thread: Whatever happened to air pistols?

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    I like both classic air pistols that are more consistently accurate than CO2 clones and some of today's replicas. Blatting a tin can placed up to 20 yards away with a 1950s Crosman 150 or even the humble Webley Junior can be incredibly satisfying when more shots connect than miss but then so can blasting a tin can to bits 10 yards away with a Baikal Makarov.

    I think air pistol designers have always tried to emulate popular firearms, for example the Browning inspired shape of the straight grip Webley Mark 1 (I have a 1920s review that comments on the modern semi auto profile of the Webley), the P08 shaped Haenel air pistols, Tell 3 and even the 1911 inspired HW45 or pocket auto LP 210. I agree it is a shame that today's designers tend to ignore singe shot consistency as i would love a proper spring powered air pistol within the body of something like a Mauser C96 or P08.

    Currently looking for Baikal Makarov pistols with the following prefixes to the serial number: 98, T01, T08, T09, T21
    Prefer boxed or cased but will consider loose examples too.

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    Regimex is another new name in the marketplace, their Mito model seems to sit somewhere between the Artemis and Ataman pistols.

    Some more stuff here on their own website where it is called the RP & RPA, depending on the grip material/stock accessory.
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    Har!See how the once proud .22 shooting Crosman became a BB gun..

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