Parker Hale 7x57.. or Mauser 7mm.. or Rigby 275.. Purchased for my interest in this historical cartridge, designed from about 1894.
Adopted by the Spanish army, used with great effect against the USA in the Cuba punch up..also used with great effect by the Boers in the Anglo Boer war. Lot of history in this cartridge. A large cartridge and a fast twist... the PH is very well made, excellent barrel, fairly cheap woodwork, Mauser type bolt. I obtained a good quantity of once fired brass and various bullets.
Not a lot of reduced reloading info and intended to shoot at 100 yards with reduced loads.. experimented with various loads, plus plated bullets and cast bullets.. using various fast powder loads and plated bullets, achieved 1" groups at 100 yards. The rifle had been bedded by a well known dealer and fitted with a decent scope base. If this had been a Rigby, it would of course have cost a fortune! Parker Hale were noted, however for their barrels. Most Parker Hale rifles are bargain basement of course. I think the 7x57 cartridge is exceptional. Hope to get down to Bisley at some time and try out at 300 yards.