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    John Walker

    Iím very sorry to have to inform anyone who knew him, my very dear friend John Walker has passed away this week, I know many of our members knew of him for his very skilful work on airguns and obsolete guns he converted to operate with Co2 or compressed air. Although I never met John, we spent many hours over the years talking and swapping ideas about the work we did. RIP John.

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    Very sad news indeed.
    I too never met John but spoke to him on the phone on several occasions, and have a couple of his excellently converted items, namely a .177 Co2 Senior Pistol and a PCP Mk.2 Service Rifle.
    I think the legacy of his conversions will live on for years.
    RIP John.

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    Whilst I never met the man I had the privilege of handling a few of John Walkers fine CO2 conversions over the years.
    A sad loss to his family and friends.
    RIP John Walker

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