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Thread: The enjoyment of reloading!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave milne View Post
    What presses do you use?
    I have a Lee 4 die turret press. My favourite for everything. Very quick calibre changes.
    A Dillon RL 650 set up for .38 my most used round
    And 2 x Dillon Precision Square deals set up for 9mm and .45
    I have a Lee triple turret, would love to change it to a 4 turret.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drogo View Post
    I am starting to reload .303 . Reading a lot and researching different loads. What are you reloading .303 with?
    Privi brass, Remington magnum primer, 16gn of 2400 and a powder coated cast bullet on top.

    Did a pound cast to get the throat size and run the bullets at .314 with a gas check. Had the modify a Lee collet die and a lee sizing die to get the measurements I wanted.

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    I started reloading about 10 years ago and to be honest it bored me silly, but over the years I have come to regard it as something to enjoy.. I actually look forward to it now and 10 years on I have reloaded enough to have reached the point where I am actually saving money

    I have been watching a lot of youtube vids on casting bullets recently so this may well be next on the list..

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    Quote Originally Posted by loiner1965 View Post
    i love reloading but find trimming tedious and boring
    Quote Originally Posted by Rickstar007 View Post
    Never get bored off reloading, but trimming is a pain!!
    ..but the end result of good trimming is well worth the effort?

    Find a used Wilson micrometer trimmer and stand for around a 100 or so and the trim process becomes quick, 100% accurately repeatable and you'll never lose money on the piece of kit.
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    for me it just closes the circle for accuracy. i find it very beneficial for mental health as the process is simple yet complicated. i normally load about 100 at a time and may do it over a couple of nights dependant on how fussy i'm being with cleaning, trimming , double weighing and COAL. all very rerwarding.
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    I’m well over my reloading honeymoon now! I do it because I have to, load for 8 calibres currently and it Just takes up too much time when I could be out shooting!!
    Thanks for looking

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    Just a necessity, sometimes rewarding

    For me reloading is a necessity, both economically and practically. For example, my club's 25m pistol range does not allow jacketed bullets of any kind. OTOH there are calibers I like to shoot (say, 7.62x25) for which commercial lead ammo simply is not available, so I have to roll my own. I do not get any great enjoyment from reloading, but don't think it as a big nuisance either. There have been some satisfactory moments, though. A couple of years ago I got myself a T/C Contender silhouette pistol in 7mm TCU, which is a semi-wildcat cartridge using 7mm rifle bullets on an opened up .223 Remington case. It was my first experience with that kind of stuff and it took some time and a lot of before I found out why only some of my ammo fit in the chamber and some did not. After learning how to make them all fit, for a short moment I was just a little proud of myself
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