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Thread: Element helix

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    Element helix

    Not exactly a review , But i picked one up today "ELEMENT HELIX" after looking at all the top end scopes , disappointed with Bushnell compared to my old 6500 elite's , Nearly got a vortex @ 660 , but picked up one on the recommendation of the gun shop saying he hadn't had any problems from the ones he had sold , far from it , And i was very surprised after i pulled my face at the made in china label how clear the glass was all feels solid , stainless mechanics in the turrets not cheap brass very positive and precise , all you would find on a mid to high end scope and @ 340 , felt well worth a try . quick google back home and found good reviews , a good vid or 2 on youtube . time will tell i guess . tried before in very low light and very good .

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    well am after getting one of the element scopes but am have a nightmare trying to decide on what to go for the Helix or the titan and then am going to have to spend another 100ish on a set of 34mm mounts will it be worth it compared to the 330 price of the helix

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    The Helix has second focal plane and the other one you decribe has ffp that there is a big difference and the price is more

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    I first ordered the Titan, it was a quality scope but massive and very heavy , I exchanged it at the shop for a Helix and glad I did. The Titan would be a great range or static scope , but not for me as I stalk with mine and do some prone shots. The Helix is also accurate of the mil dots at 12 and 24 mag and dial able on the turrets which seems accurate.

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    Hello did you go for the FFP or SFP I'm curious to see what people use for target work up to 50M
    Im also considering buying one at the moment
    BSA Ultra CLX 160 - Sidewinder 30 4-16x50 FFP
    Weihrauch HW80K .22 V-Mach - Nikon Prostaff 2-7x32
    Rapid 7 MK1 .22 - Bushnell Legend 5-15x40 now sold

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