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Thread: HRPC Sunday 21st Nov Results

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    HRPC Sunday 21st Nov Results

    First of all many thanks for all those who pitched up and my personal apologies for the disorganised start. In any case I hope you all enjoyed it.
    Before I go any further I want to give massive congratulations to Wade for a really impressive 44, great shooting from a youngster and better then a couple of my scores this year.
    As for todays shoot what can I say, the weather was great, company likewise and the shooting challenging, Many thanks to Paul for going round with a grumpy old sod. My only excuse was that my boot disappeared into the mud at he bottom of the stream and it was cold, wet and slimy for the rest of the shoot.
    Enough of the excuses though todays scores are:

    Steve West 58
    Steve Britland 57
    Paul Bradford 56
    Martin Nichols 56
    Darren Purnell 56
    Kevin Wickson 54
    Jon Newton-May 54
    Barry Wade 52
    S Whittiker 50
    Paul Sansom 48
    Terry Evans 47
    Neil Pavis 46
    WADE (Junior) 44

    Great Shoot Guys Thanks for coming.
    Always make the best of things, it can only get worse if you don't.

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    Good fun

    Thanks as usual for a good morning.
    Well done Steve & Wade
    “To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target”

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