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Thread: Webley Vulcan barrel wanted

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    Webley Vulcan barrel wanted


    Mods, I hope you don't mind me posting this here, I have posted the same in the wanted section to maximise viewing of the request. My apologies if I have broken any rules & please remove if needed.

    Anyway to the request.

    I wonder if anyone has a Webley Vulcan barrel in either. 22 or .177. available for sale.

    Not to fussed about barrel length but shorter length/carbine preferred. Must have factory crown (no hacksawed jobs please).

    If cocking lever is attached would be a bonus but I have spares to hand so not vital.

    No silly money prices please, I'm not loaded


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    The Webley Hawk MK3 barrels and breech blocks are the same as a MK1 Vulcan if that helps widen your search.

    All the best Mick

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