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Thread: Southern Hunters Round 5 Lea Valley - 30th January

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    Southern Hunters Round 5 Lea Valley - 30th January

    Welcome to the 5th Round of the Southern Hunters at Lea Valley on 30th January 2022

    Address and post code for Le Valley is
    Lea Valley
    Hanging Grove
    Bramfield Road,
    (nearest postcode SG14 2JA)

    Signing in will be from about 8:30am with a start time of 10:00am

    We have the following class trophies in each round:

    Open 1st to 3rd
    Veteran (over 60)
    Team Medals for the three highest scores in the winning team

    Costs are 10 per adult or 5 per junior and badges are 3 each and will be available as soon as the trophies have been presented.

    Air Arms have given us goody bags to be won at each round, there will also be additional prizes drawn at the final round to be in this raffle you will need to have attended 5 rounds.
    We will have a bonus bunny pulled at the end of each round worth 1 per head - if 70 people shoot there is at 70 bonus bunny.

    All courses will be set to current UKAHFT rules

    Your best 5 scores from the 8 rounds will count towards the end of season trophies.

    In addition we are continuing to run the Super Six which is now included in the entry fee - you will be given an additional card with six nominated targets on it, those who knock them all over (or the highest number of them over) will win (or if more than 1 the card that is pulled from the hat) will win 1 per entry, an additional 1 per entrant will be split between St Wilfrids Hospice in Eastbourne and Willen Hospice in Milton Keynes, thus if 80 people shoot the winner gets 80 and the two hospice get 40 each.
    Look forward to seeing you all very soon!

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    Can anyone turn up and shoot ?

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    Missing - presumed having a good time
    Quote Originally Posted by ron148 View Post
    Can anyone turn up and shoot ?
    The Southern Hunters Series is open to all safe shooters.

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