Thanks as always for everyone’s help putting out & getting back in.
Absolutely no wind today so surprised there wasn’t a clearance.

Scores for round 5 below:

Roger Dibbens Open 57
Howard Kalisch Open 57
Kevin Hills Open 56
Jon Newton-May Open 56
Mark Rackley Open 55
Owen Wilson Recoil 55
Kev Wickson Open 53
Graeme Cargan Recoil 53
Vince Guy Open 53
Mike Burgess Veteran 52
Paul Bradford Open (in denial) 52
Nigel Wood Recoil 52
Ewan Hobbs Open 51
Nigel Buchan Veteran 49
Aaron Friend Open 48
Steve Light Open 47
Alicia Franks Ladies 46
Gary Channing Open 45
Matt Franks Recoil 44
Paul Charman .22 39
Neil Pavis Open 38
Mark Hannan Open 37
Jo Garlick Ladies 33

Thanks everyone for coming. See all of you going next week at Lea Valley for Southern Hunters.
6th and final shoot will be on 6th March.