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Thread: Buxted summer open first round

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    Buxted summer open first round

    Buxted summer open first round.

    What an interesting morning that was! What we thought was a reasonably intermediate course was made tricky by odd wind.


    Kevin Hills Open 52
    Gary Channing Open 52
    Vince Guy Open 51
    Nik Orr Open 50
    Darryle Bundock Open 50
    Kev Wickson Open 49
    Louise Gray Ladies 49
    Trevor Palmer Open 49
    Nigel Buchan Veteran 48
    Martin Nicholls Recoil 48
    Darren Purnell Open 48
    Gary Morrison Veteran 46
    Barry Wade Veteran 45
    Neil Pavis Open 43
    Darren Brind Open 43
    Martin Cook Recoil 41
    Mark Goodhew Open 38 (first time shooting HFT)

    Thanks as always to everyone who helped.
    See you all next time
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