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Thread: HRPC Sunday 1st May HFT Results

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    HRPC Sunday 1st May HFT Results

    Good days shooting and I hope everybody enjoyed it as much as I did. Not a killer course from the scores but tricky in places and we were using the thirty target 17 pegs format (14 pegs with 2 targets and 2 pegs with 1 each) Excuses from me range from being out of breath from running out to check targets, new springer, crud sights....or just plain I wasn't doing well (not as bad as my shooting partner thought though as when I checked my score I found another three points).
    I don't know whether to congratulate or commiserate with Jon who came within one point of clearing the course. The last shot was a long range one though. At the end of the day a well deserved 59 so well done. Thanks to all of our guest for pitching up, its always good to see you and I really hope you enjoyed it.
    Many thanks to Peter for reading the HRT safety brief and taking the Kudos of highest HRPC score on the day.
    Any way the scores for the day are;

    Jon Newton May 59
    Darren Purnell 57
    Kevin Wickson 57
    Charles Peal 57
    Mike Burgess 56
    C Scholes 55
    Gary Channing 55
    Peter Fenn 54
    Steve West 53
    Paul Chapman (.22) 50
    Simon Humphries 50
    David Wade 50
    Tom May 50
    Barry Wade 49
    Terry Evans (R). 37

    Always make the best of things, it can only get worse if you don't.

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    Many thanks Terry - an enjoyable morning (bad luck Jon!)

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    Thanks Terry as always enjoyable at HRPC - canít wait to see your second course when itís ready.
    Cheers EDBOC

    Buxted HFT

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