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Thread: Changing front sight

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    Changing front sight

    I have a pedersoli 45-70 remington rolling block and I'm thinking of changing the front sight to a Lyman 20mjt as it has a larger diameter and I can get better inserts for it, Lee Shaver etc. The pedersoli insert are .3mm and lyman, shaver are .5mm. Plus I keep catching the insert spring clip on the pedersoli.

    Does anyone think its a good idea?
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    front sight

    I cant help with the lyman but if you do change, i would be interested in the pedasoli sight for my sharps👍
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    Pedersoli sight

    Have a look at the Pedersoli tunnel sight with the screw in knurled collar, itís much better that the spring clip version. I donít know why they bother with that spring clip as it catches on everything & the element usually falls out in the gun bag.

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