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Thread: H&K primers

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    I was talking to a well known RFD in the Bisley area last week.
    He was telling me that primers/powders/bullets are hard to find.
    He has very few primers with little chance of restocking.
    I just got his last 8lb tub of N555 as he told me the last UK Viht shipment didnt last long.
    My advice would be to buy anything you can get your hands on that you will be needing.
    TBH primers at 90 a k doesnt seem to bad right now. In 6 months time??
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    I can't understand how European powder (Vhit) can be in short supply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aris View Post
    I can't understand how European powder (Vhit) can be in short supply.
    I understand on good authority that vhit have stopped bulk powder exports, meaning places like HPS are buying in 1kg tubs rather than the usual 20kg kegs, which obviously sinks powder off the retail market.

    I'd bet they're exporting to the states and/or diverting to military production.

    It pains me to admit it but prices are rapidly heading to a point where I can't justify the ongoing costs of shooting.

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