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Thread: Pistol HFT Interclub Competition at Meon Valley - 11 June 2022

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    Pistol HFT Interclub Competition at Meon Valley - 11 June 2022

    After occasional very heavy downpours over the course of the previous few days, the day of the very first Interclub Pistol HFT competition dawned bright and clear, and Wallops Woods was looking at its very best to greet visiting pistol shooters from Basingstoke, Newbury, Ford and Mile Oak airgun clubs.

    To make their journey as worthwhile as possible, Vice-Chairman Alan Rowe and his merry band of helpers set out a 30 target pistol course across 15 pegs, including some fiendishly tiny silhouette targets that caught out a large number of the 25-strong field that took part. Not so Jon Knapman of Ford Air Rifle & Pistol Club, who cleared the course and came in with a perfect score of 60. Second and third places had to be decided by a shoot-off, with Charles Peal (Mile Oak), Steve Lucas (Meon Valley) and Simon Critchley (Newbury) each coming in with very creditable scores of 58 apiece.
    Steb Martinez of Ford Club took the first place honours in the Spring Pistol Class, and it was Ford Club that emerged triumphant in the closely-fought battle for the Interclub Trophy, tying with Meon Valley on 167 points but taking the win by virtue of Jon Knapman’s course clearance and taking into account the fourth highest scoring shooter from these two clubs.

    PCP/Co2 Class
    Jon Knapman (Ford) – 60 (1st)
    Charles Peal (Mile Oak) – 58 (2nd after a shoot-off)
    Steve Lucas (Meon) – 58 (3rd after a shoot-off)
    Simon Critchley (Newbury) – 58
    Phil Moody (Mile Oak) – 55
    Albert Johnson (Meon) – 55
    Damien Pealin (Meon) – 54
    Richard Wickenden (Ford) – 54
    Julian Wigman (Newbury) – 54
    Bob Morris (Ford) – 53
    Glenn Turner (Ford) – 46
    Nigel Mason (Meon) – 45
    Karen Bishop (Newbury) – 45
    David Wilshaw (Meon) – 44
    Nick Byrne (Meon) – 43
    John Austin (Meon) – 42
    Richard Mann (Basingstoke) – 40 (took EVERY shot standing!)
    Adam Clough (Meon) – 38
    Dean Mason (Meon) – 32
    Mason Brodie (Meon) – 20 (Junior)
    Gordon Bishop (Newbury) – DNF
    Dave Kirby (Newbury) – DNF

    Spring Class:
    Steb Martinez (Ford) – 36
    Richard Chase (Ford) – 35
    Peter Terry (Newbury) – 32

    Team Club Scores (top 3 shooters)
    Ford – 167 points (1st)
    Meon Valley – 167 points
    Newbury – 157 points
    Mile Oak – 113 points (a superb score given that there were only 2 shooters in the team!)
    Basingstoke – 40 points (just one shooter)

    Thank you to everyone who came along and took part, to those who helped set the course and take it in at the end of what was a very enjoyable morning’s sport.
    Watch this space for details and a date for the next Pistol HFT Interclub Competition – it looks as though Ford Air Rifle & Pistol Club will be hosting this.
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    What a fab day

    Thank you Meon, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. What a lovely location Wallops Wood is.

    Looking forward to the next one!

    See you soon!
    Save time, see it my way

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