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Thread: A question about FFP or SFP Scopes

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    Quote Originally Posted by harvey_s View Post
    I'd venture that at airgun ranges even at 14x you'd struggle to get a group you could hide behind the crosshair
    Oh, I dont know both my rifles produce one hole groups at 50 yards.
    Im a bugger for the eyeball shot, the crosshairs there are large, and would cover the eyeball of even a rabbit.
    Especially as I would almost cetainly be on 20x+ at that range with a rabbit, maybe still on 10x with a rat as they tend not to stop and pose like Roger does.

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    A point that has come up on another forum is how holdover changes in SFP if you change mag.
    here are targets shot at a fixed range with 1 dot of holdover changing mag SFP compared to FFP.

    & I will admit that at 4x the cross of the FFP scope got lost on the cross of the target, it was an exact colour match , which is why it's not a perfect set, good job nature doesn't do crosses
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    Quote Originally Posted by zephyr View Post
    I've looked through a few FFP scopes, and perhaps because it is such a different experience, I've not been keen on them.

    Recently I've come to realise, my eyes/brain work better aligning concentric circles than a cross and a circle. This means, for me, a centre dot ret is more important than whether it if FFP or SFP. Until I get the perfect centre dot ret for my eyes/brain I have taken to using a holdover mildot dot as my aim reference. The SWFA centre dot MOA ret is near perfect except the centre dot is a bit small - just found out the illuminated Vector Optics Veyron ret has only the centre dot illuminated, I am living in hope this will be perfect for me.
    Yes I agree. I've not contributed to the thread thus far as I don't hunt and have no experience of FFP scopes, or a need for one. But I have recently taken a liking to floating centre dot reticles, particularly for standing shooting (e.g silhouettes). I've now got 3 centre dot scopes: a Delta Stryker 5-50x56 with DLS-3 ret, a Hawke Endurance 6-24 with LR Dot and just picked up a Vector Marksman 10x44 ret
    The Delta and Hawke have illumination on the dot.
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