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Thread: Sussex Interclub HFT 2022 - Round 4 results

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    Exclamation Sussex Interclub HFT 2022 - Round 4 results

    Hi everyone

    BIG thanks to Sossidge and all of the crew at Buxted for hosting today’s SIHFT for our nearly-half-way-round round. Very clearly a huge amount of time and effort to set out something a little different for our pleasure.

    And thank heavens the weather forecasters who dared to try to tell us 24 hours ago what today was likely to present, got it wrong. Hardly any breeze, but certainly there for some lanes; others which if you gave it the edge of kill the pellet would fail to move 1mm. And I can only recall feeling a drop or two of the rain which could have put in an appearance; how pleasant was it to have virtually no under-foot dampness in the first wood – renowned for its boggy bits.

    Big improvement in score card completion, but I would put out a call to our new/newer shooters to ask if you are uncertain what some of those boxes on the card mean. E.g. the “IR” line is to record your scope’s illumination setting. If your scope does not have this function at all, please write “NA”. If it does, you must record the setting (usually a number between 1 and 7) or note it as “Off”, if you choose to not use the function at all. Do not just leave the line blank.

    Apologies from me for, by the time of collating the score cards and popping the results in to our spreadsheet, I had completely forgotten that Peg 16 had been “pulled”. For any of you who had been unaware at all, or unaware why, this was due to a well-spotted safety issue; a shooter in position at Peg 15 (a supported kneeler/stander) was aiming perhaps only 10-15o to the left of someone lying down at peg 16. Net result is that ALL score cards should have been checked and altered to record a “2” for the pulled lane. I’ve now completed that check and found 8 of you who benefit by 1 point. These were Darren Brind, Darryle Bundock, Nik Franklin, Tom Haynes, Nik Orr, Charles Peal, Derek Watson and Owen Wilson. Only one badge award change – for Darren who wins a Silver rather than the Bronze. Happy to swap this out for you, Darren, at the next round. Limited impact on the Club Team result as, while Mile Oak gained 2 additional points, this just closed the gap with Buxted, who remain top team score today. Well done chaps.

    Here are the results.

    Firstname Surname Club Class Score % Badge T(eam) place
    Kevin Hills Buxted O 58 100.0% Gold T
    Neil Palmer Throckmorton O 57 98.3% G
    Howard Kalisch Buxted O 55 94.8% G T
    Charles Peal Oaks O 55 94.8% G T
    Graeme Cargan Oaks O 53 91.4% Silver T
    Vince Guy Buxted O 53 91.4% S T
    Roger Dibbens Oaks O 52 89.7% S T
    Aaron Friend Oaks O 52 89.7% S T
    Tom Haynes Oaks R 52 89.7% G T
    Darryle Bundock Oaks O 51 87.9% S
    Lloyd Whitehead MAD O 51 87.9% S
    Paul Blaxall Meon Valley V 50 86.2% G T
    Steve Britland Horsham O 50 86.2% S T
    Mike Burgess Oaks V 50 86.2% G
    Gary Channing Buxted O 50 86.2% S T
    Steb Martinez Ford O 50 86.2% S T
    Maciek Pajek Horsham O 50 86.2% S T
    Chris Scholes Buxted O 50 86.2% S T
    Gerry Strydom Oaks O 50 86.2% S
    Simon Whittick Horsham V 50 86.2% G T
    Darren Brind Oaks O 49 84.5% S
    Nigel Gosling Throckmorton V 49 84.5% G
    Mark Rackley Oaks V 49 84.5% G
    Daniel Smith Bisley O 49 84.5% S
    Martin Cook Buxted R 48 82.8% S
    Alicia Franks Oaks L 48 82.8% S
    David Henderson Meon Valley V 47 81.0% S T
    Ewan Hobbs Iden Fern O 47 81.0% Bronze
    Martin Nicholls Buxted O 47 81.0% B
    Justin Roberts Ford O 46 79.3% B T
    Owen Wilson MAD R 46 79.3% S
    Nick Byrne Meon Valley .22 45 77.6% S T
    Gary Morrison Buxted V 45 77.6% S
    Nick Orr Oaks O 45 77.6% B
    Richard Chase Ford O 44 75.9% B T
    Phil Moody Horsham V 44 75.9% S T
    Adrian Wright Meon Valley O 43 74.1% T
    Paul Charman Buxted .22 42 72.4% B
    Peter Lesniak Horsham O 42 72.4% T
    John Knapman Ford O 41 70.7% T
    Dave Pullen Meon Valley O 41 70.7% T
    Derek Watson Horsham R 40 69.0% B
    Matthew Franks Oaks .22 39 67.2% B
    Dave Barnes Meon Valley O 37 63.8%
    Richard Wickenden Ford R 36 62.1% T
    Richard Kassai Buxted O 35 60.3%
    Redders Bluer Meon Valley .22 34 58.6%
    Jo Bluer Meon Valley L 32 55.2%
    Yiorjos Nikiteas Buxted R 19 32.8%
    Nicholas Franklin Iden Fern O DNF
    Barbara Pearce MAD V DNF
    Roy Pearce MAD V DNF

    Yet again, all 5 SIHFT hosting clubs present today fielded a full set of 5 competitors , so team results are:

    Club Round 1 Points Round 2 Points Round 3 Points Round 4 Points Total
    Oaks 274 12 272 12 277 12 264 11 47
    Buxted 266 11 272 12 268 11 266 12 46
    Meon Valley 256 10 224 8 266 10 226 9 37
    Horsham 239 8 239 10 0 8 236 10 36
    Ford 242 9 226 9 233 9 217 8 35

    Today’s draw winners were:

    52 – Gary Sossidge Morrison
    Air Arms Goody Bag – Yiorjos Nikiteas

    Can you spot any errors in this post? Have I spelt your name correctly? Do I have you down for the correct club/class/score? – please message me directly or email via my BBS profile.

    There is now another 3 week break before we meet up for SIHFT Round 5 on Sunday 10th July at Ford HFT.

    I’m bound to miss some events, but between now and then we have the UKAHFT round at Blackbrook next Sunday (26th June) and on Sunday 3rd July there is the BARCS (combining HFT and FT) at Maldon & District – aka MAD

    If there’s something else you are aware of and wish to share, please do post the info here, or provide a link to elsewhere.

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