A complete spur of the moment buy from sales on here, because it was less than half the new price.

Hawke vantage red dot, 30mm weaver mount, model 12104.
A simple 1x optical with a projected red dot of 3moa with 11 power settings, the "turrets" have a screwdriver slot for adjustment, the turret caps have the blade to adjust them built in.
Eye relief is unlimited so simply personal preference & claimed px free from 10yds.

I decided to mount it on my .22lr semi auto & zero at 50yds, which is where the fun started
Before firing a shot it was obvious that 50yds was going to be pushing it as, at that range, the dot is about 1.5" (38mm), so I went for an initial zero at 25yds, to get it close.

At 25 yds it was easy to adjust on to zero, & once there shooting 1", 5 shot groups rapid fire is a doddle, so that used up a couple of boxes of ammo

Then out to 50yds which should have been 1 or maybe 2 clicks up, the first 5 single shots didn't even hit the A4 target sheet, all were low in the dirt, adjusted the turret up 6" & the next 5 also missed the A4 sheet, but this time high

Adjusting back to the 25yd zero, I soon worked out that it was parallax error, & without constant checking that the dot was exactly centred in the tube, POI could be wildly off.
I ended up shooting three 10 round groups at 50yds, single aimed shots with a best group of 65mm
at that point I gave up, and went back to 25 yds rapid fire for the remaining 2 boxes of ammo I had with me.

So to my conclusions after a couple of hours and 5 boxes of ammo;

Obviously designed for CQB, fast target acquisition, accuracy is "minute of centre mass",
if you shoot practical rimfire, or whatever they call it, this type of sight is probably ideal, but it's far too limiting for me.

Is it fun ? Yes, is it practical for Rabbiting/general use ? No.

As I've got it, I might as well give it a try on my Scorpion .25 to see if it's practical as a garden vermin scope.

https://i.postimg.cc/x1pddrVy/P7300006.jpgpc screen shot