Hi All

Repeating the apology I made earlier on our FB page, SO SORRY Meon Valley AC for failing to seek the gathered crowd’s applause for your terrific hosting of today’s SIHFT R8. We could all see the amount of effort put in to the course and had much fun trying to knock targets over.

Tricky breeze in places, which switched around as we zig-zagged our way round the course, especially lanes 17-30. I lost count of hearing voices around me muttering either “I gave it no wind and it went right across the kill” or “I gave it edge and the damn thing didn’t move a millimetre”. I believe I may have heard myself mutter those (or similar) words on at least 2 occasions. Hey ho; there’s always next round.

Duplicating the status they achieved in Round 7, Top Shots today were Kev H and Howard K. Great shooting chaps.

While not the highest turnout today, the number of Gold Badge winners (23) was equal highest of the season.

Here is the full set of individual results from today.

Firstname Surname Club Class Score % Badge T(eam)
Neil Palmer Throckmorton O 56 100.0% Gold
Paul Somerville Meon Valley O 56 100.0% G T
Nigel Carter Barbarians O 55 98.2% G
Vince Guy Buxted O 54 96.4% G T
Kevin Hills Buxted O 54 96.4% G T
Howard Kalisch Buxted O 54 96.4% G T
Jon Newton-May Buxted O 54 96.4% G T
Charles Peal Oaks O 54 96.4% G T
Owen Wilson ® MAD R 54 96.4% G
Paul Blaxall Meon Valley V 53 94.6% G T
Mike Burgess Oaks V 53 94.6% G T
Gary Channing Buxted O 53 94.6% G T
Roger Dibbens Oaks O 53 94.6% G T
Nick Orr Oaks O 53 94.6% G T
Mark Rackley Oaks V 53 94.6% G T
Darryle Bundock Oaks O 52 92.9% G
Graeme Cargan Oaks O 52 92.9% G
Kevin Catt Bisley O 52 92.9% G
Aaron Friend Oaks O 52 92.9% G
Nigel Gosling Throckmorton V 51 91.1% G
David Henderson Meon Valley V 51 91.1% G T
Alan Jones Meon Valley V 50 89.3% G T
Dave Pullen Meon Valley O 50 89.3% Silver T
Justin Roberts Ford O 50 89.3% S T
Kevin Wickson Buxted O 50 89.3% S
Tony Johnson Barbarians O 49 87.5% S
Darren Purnell Buxted O 49 87.5% S
Tom Haynes Oaks R 48 85.7% G
Philip Rodgers Meon Valley O 48 85.7% S
Darren Brind Oaks O 47 83.9% S
Steb Martinez Ford O 47 83.9% S T
Dave Barnes Meon Valley O 46 82.1% Bronze
Matthew Franks Oaks .22 46 82.1% S
Wally Hale Bisley .22 46 82.1% S
Nick Byrne Meon Valley .22 45 80.4% S
Paul Charman Buxted .22 45 80.4% S
Alicia Franks Oaks L 45 80.4% S
Adrian Wright Meon Valley O 45 80.4% B
Steven Avey Oaks O 44 78.6% B
Redders Bluer Meon Valley .22 44 78.6% S
Richard Chase Ford O 44 78.6% B T
Glen Turner Ford O 44 78.6% B T
Pat Fitzgerald Ford .22 43 76.8% S T
Alfred Ihab Bisley R 42 75.0% S
Stefan Avey Oaks O 42 75.0% B
Damien Pealin Meon Valley O 40 71.4%
Richard Wickenden Ford R 40 71.4% B
Mark Hannan Oaks O 36 64.3%
Jo Bluer Meon Valley L 34 60.7%
Lewis Guy Visitor O 34 60.7%

Here are the team results, from today and the updated overall total.

Yet again, Team Buxted managed to squeak (by 3 points) their way in to a Round win and therefore slip in to 1st place overall.
With a single, final round to go, a tie is possible – Oooooooo )

Round 8 scores Round 8 Points Total Points YTD
Buxted 269 12 93
Oaks 266 11 92
Meon Valley 260 10 77
Ford 228 9 69
Horsham 0 8 71

Today’s draw winners were:
£50 – Dave Barnes
Air Arms Goody Bag – Damien Pealin

After issuing Neil Palmer with the Platinum he won at Round 7, three more, new Platinums awarded today – to Paul Blaxall, Roger Dibbens and Owen Wilson. Well done guys.

Can you spot any errors in the above? Have I spelt your name correctly? Do I have you down for the correct club/class/score? – please message me directly.

After another four week break, SIHFT Round 9 (the last for this year) will be hosted by Buxted on Sunday 2nd October.

‘Stuff’ happening every weekend between now and then, with the Buxted Summer Open on 11/9, a small matter of the WHFTA World Championship on Sat/Sun 17th and 18th Sept and another Mile Oak Open on Sunday 26th Sept.

See y'all soon (I expect)