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Thread: Do you process range lead? What do you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by harvey_s View Post
    How do you process ALL the grit out... Surely just a few grains of errant sand will bugger a rifle barrel in short order?
    I found this quite strange to see when I started melting range lead, the small stones and even steel BBs float to the top and sit so high on the surface it's like polystyrene on water. The bigger pieces I just picked out beforehand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by angrybear View Post
    Try a garden sieve small enough to catch the lead, Hose it down to remove debris, dry it & put to one side for later use, I do that with pellets.
    I too use a sieve I wash the lead and leave it on a slab in the rain then when dry sieve again and store it. I still get a lot of debris on top of the pot . I do it all out side.

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    Bulk lead melting.

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    I just processed last weeks bag'o'crap from the range. 6.2kg of lead and 3.2kg of crap. The crap is heavy with lead beads through it, how can I maximise my yield?

    I then went on to make 3kg of .38 140grn semi wadcutters to try with a low load. The other 7kg will be used in my .44 mould which should arrive tomorrow

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