06/11/2022 MAD
27/11/2022 Buxted
18/12/2022 Oaks
08/01/2023 Ford
29/01/2023 Wendover
12/02/2023 Lea Valley
05/03/2023 Meon
26/03/2023 Theydon
16/04/2023 Bisley

Signing in will be from as near to 8am as possible for each round with a safety brief at 9:50 and a start time of 10am.
Signing in will be done by Matt and Alicia Franks and scoring will be done by Roger Dibbens assisted by Brigette Vant.

We are asking for volunteers for marshalling you will shoot for free if Marshalling. Let myself, Matt or Alicia know beforehand if you are happy to marshal so we can plan the day.

As before there will be a team competition. Each team can have up to six members with three scores counting each round, at least one of these scores must be from a recoil, 0.22, sticks, or ladies class competitor. Team names must be submitted by the 1st of November at the latest.

Super Six:
The super six will continue to be included in the 10 entrance fee. The nominated targets will continue to be 1,5,10,15,20,25. You get one point for each of the targets you knock over giving a maximum possible of six. If more than one person gets the same maximum score the winner will be pulled from the super six cards.

As with last year we will split the 1 per shooter per round pot between the St Wilfrids Hospice and Willen Hospice.

We will have the following trophies awarded at the end of each round:
Open 1st 3rd
Recoil 1st
O.22 1st
Ladies 1st
Veteran 1st
Sticks 1st
Team (qualifying three members) 1st