Hi All

I did it (or didn’t) yet again. Failed to call for a round of applause and thanks to the Buxted crew who I know worked hard to set today’s course.
So please accept this as a group/virtual THANK YOU Buxtedites. Loving (but sometimes not) the new firing line in the 2nd woods. Takes a lot of work to make changes like that, and we really do appreciate it.

We certainly welcomed (really) in the Autumn weather today, with a decidedly soggy round, almost until the end.

Just as well we have something of a break in the HFT calendar now – just to let our gear dry out. All good practice for the ‘proper’ Autumn and winter weather to come as we move in to the time of year for the back end of the UKAHFT and, of course, the Southern Hunters when today's weather becomes more 'normal'.

Roger Dibbens and Kev H produced today’s top score. Great shooting chaps. And for someone I heard only the other week announcing that he was going to give boinging a break over the winter, Owen’s 55 with the springer is at least as noteworthy.

And finally, before we get in to the results table, I’d like to pronounce my own thanks for your thank-you to me. A bottle of Islay malt – with a name I’d not seen before (Bunnahabhain) – is already being taste tested and is absolutely delicious. Sampling this bottle as I type may or not impact how the remainder of this report reads. Here is the full set of individual results from today.

Firstname Surname Club Class Score % Badge Team place
Roger Dibbens Oaks O 57 100.00% Gold T
Kevin Hills Buxted O 57 100.00% G T
Graeme Cargan Oaks O 55 96.50% G T
Jon Newton-May Buxted O 55 96.50% G T
Owen Wilson ® MAD R 55 96.50% G
Aaron Friend Oaks O 54 94.70% G T
David Henderson Meon Valley V 54 94.70% G T
Ewan Hobbs Visitor O 53 93.00% G
Neil Palmer Throckmorton O 53 93.00% G
Mark Rackley Oaks V 52 91.20% G T
Paul Blaxall Meon Valley V 51 89.50% G T
Mike Burgess Oaks V 51 89.50% G T
Gary Channing Buxted O 51 89.50% Silver T
Vince Guy Buxted O 51 89.50% S T
Howard Kalisch Buxted O 51 89.50% S T
Nick Orr Oaks O 50 87.70% S
Charles Peal Oaks O 50 87.70% S
Darryle Bundock Oaks O 48 84.20% S
Nigel Gosling Throckmorton V 48 84.20% G
Martin Nicholls Buxted R 47 82.50% S
Barry Wade Buxted V 46 80.70% S
Kevin Wickson Buxted O 46 80.70% Bronze
Matthew Franks Oaks 0.22 45 78.90% S
Tom Haynes Oaks R 45 78.90% S
Steb Martinez Ford O 45 78.90% B T
Justin Roberts Ford O 45 78.90% B T
Chris Scholes Buxted O 44 77.20% B
Dave Wade HRPC O 44 77.20% B
Adrian Wright Meon Valley O 44 77.20% B T
Gary Morrison Buxted STICKS 43 75.40% S
Darren Purnell Buxted O 43 75.40% B
Steven Avey Oaks O 42 73.70%
Nick Byrne Meon Valley 0.22 41 71.90% B T
Paul Charman Buxted 0.22 40 70.20% B
Richard Chase Ford O 40 70.20% T
Matthew Dann Buxted O 38 66.70%
Martin Cook Buxted R 37 64.90% B
Alicia Franks Oaks L 34 59.60%
Grant Laurie Ford J 32 56.10% T

Team results ….

We’ll, what can I say. Shooting as I was with one of the slowest groups on today’s course, meant that I could already hear whisperings about possible team results even before I finished.

There was only one point separating Buxted and Mile Oak as we started Round 9.

As you can see from the table below, the gap has gone.

As a slight aside – both Ford and Meon were able to field only 4 members apiece and, in accordance with SIHFT rules, each club had one card drawn at random by the lovely Alicia to make up the final figures you see below.

Round 9 scores Round 9 Points Total Points YTD
Oaks 269 12 104
Buxted 265 11 104
Meon Valley 235 10 87
Ford 215 9 78
Horsham 0 8 79

So we have a tie for 1st place. In a direct copy & paste from the 2022 rules (this bit hasn’t changed for yonks) ……..

“Team scores will be closely monitored during the 2nd half of the competition to assess the risk of a tie for first place. In the event of a tie, a joint decision will be made on a resolution, most likely to be by a Team shoot-off (format to be agreed) during the end-of-year meeting.”

Over the next week or so, I will be in touch with representatives of each of the hosting SIHFT clubs to agree on an appropriate tie-break event format.

Today’s draw winners were:

£39 – Howard Kalish

Air Arms Goody Bag – Paul Charman (rumours that the goody bag may include a reminder to fill your gun with air before starting a comp are wholly false)

Four new Platinum badges won during the last opportunity of SIHFT 2022 were awarded to Graeme Cargan, Jon Newton-May, David Henderson and Nigel Gos. Well done guys.

Can you spot any errors in the above table? Have I spelt your name correctly? Do I have you down for the correct club/class/score? – please message me directly.

Four weeks until we ‘hit’ the end-of-year event at Horsham on 30th October, now including the not-to-be-missed Team Trophy tie break to separate Buxted from Mile Oak. Diary a tad empty until then, barring the last 2 round of this year’s UKAHFT at Emley Moor and Referns on the 22nd and 23rd.

Individual SIHFT 2022 Results tables will be along shortly.