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Thread: Pro-hunter slugs .22 17.8gn

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapidnick View Post
    I find it difficult to understand why any shooters should regard these as worth using at 12 ft lb. At 21p a shot compared with say 3p a shot for quality diabolo pellets I really just don't get it.
    At FAC power levels the direct comparison with quality-but not 'match'- rounds at say 10p a shot makes me wonder again.
    Still each to his/her own but I'll stick with my 25.4 grain JSB in .25 and 15.9 grain JSB in .22 and save myself some cash.
    Nick, speaks with experience, I have tried zan .177 slugs in my hw100.177 excellent results
    but overall costs are too high, I will still use air arms field domed pellets.
    atb brian

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    At 12ftlbs and in 177 I've tried a few makes. Only type and in my gun collection that worked were mako. But they didn't open up on rats or anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angrybear View Post
    Just wondered if anyone had tried the above in sub 12 yet ?

    I've just received a tin of 100, not cheap at 21, but the lightest slugs I've seen, so worth a try.

    Weather has been too poor to test them, but certainly they look superb,
    even under a magnifying glass the finish is exceptional & the weight spot on, all 100 within 0.3gn, 17.6-17.9gn.

    Just hope the accuracy matches the quality.
    angrybear don't know if you've used this site but they are slightly cheaper on there for the slugs with free post in the UK?

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    Thanks, I had found the site due to the blurb that came with the slugs, it was from them but off the bay hence the extra cost.
    Still 18.30 for 100 direct.

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