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Thread: price of new guns

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    Back in the mid 90s a tin of Eley Wasp was about 5. The equivalent price now is 11.40. 2 years ago you could buy a tin of .22 JSBs (which are better) for less than that. The current price of pellets is mad.

    I remember buying an airsporter S in roughly 1990 for 180. Equivalent value of 180 now is 408, which can get you a pretty good springer.

    Sure you can pay 1500 for an air rifle now, but air rifles like that didn't exist until the 90s.


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    i was going to spend up to 2k on a new gun ,but it would of been a waiste of money as i hardly get out shooting ,my custom 95 does the joband ive just picked up a lovely webley raider in 22

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