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1: See my last post dated the 10th

2: I'm not new to reloading, just .223

1 , read it before , have you sorted the trigger or developed forearms like Popeye?

2 , the title implies your new to reloading , which makes me wonder why start this thread if that's not the case ? Especially, since reloading principles are applicable regardless of chambering .

I suspect that what you really wanted was advice on powder choice and load data to suit your rifle barrel . If that is the case , then GRT is your friend, it'll also tell you if you exceed manufacturers maximum c.o.l by that I mean what they deem to be the minimum length of bullet in the case neck .

Regardless, I don't think I've posted any misinformation and was written with good intentions, so hopefully my previous post will be of use to someone who is a newbie .

Please share your results , it's always good to see a conclusion.