Hi All.

Started waay back in 2008, the SIHFT series was initially introduced to encourage members of Sussex HFT clubs to venture away from 'home', try out different locations, and improve skills by shooting paired up with a much broader range of competitors. I believe it has achieved that and, as most of our clubs have seen lots of new entrants in the past year or so, we feel the series continues to have much to offer.

At long last I am able (and very pleased) to announce that SIHFT 2023 is happening. Yay!! 😀

I will upload a copy of this year's rules shortly. But in the meantime and to enable you to fill in your calendar with the all-critical dates and where each round is to be hosted .......

R1 - at Ford - 30th April
R2 - at Mile Oak - 28th May
R3 - at Buxted - 11th June
R4 - at Meon - 25th June
R5 - at Horsham - 9th July
R6 - at Ford - 6th August
R7 - at Mile Oak - 3rd September
R8 - at Buxted - 24th September
R9 - at Horsham - 8th October
and the Grand Finale event at Mile Oak on 29th October

Yes, I know we've 'slipped' outside of Sussex for one round. But Meon are great hosts with excellent venues and helps us 'stretch' to a pretty critical 9 rounds to make the series viable.

Happy and safe shooting to you all ahead of 30/4 🙂