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Wow, like cave man mentality. "Need big rock, smash puny creature". Accuracy is what kills period. Unless of course there is enough power to blow quarry up. I want to salvage and eat the rabbits I shoot, so clean head shots only.

.177 do produce smaller groups. Variation in slugs should be measured as a percentage and not a constant across calibres. The only constants are the range and the conditions. At 30+m my prems go through the same hole, how on earth can a larger calibre beat that., and they defo wont at 55.

Reason for FAC, produces flatter trajectory and can use body shot. 7.9 grain .177 is probably as flat if not flatter than a 16-20 gran .22 FAC, unless ridiculous power level but then accuracy wavers with pellets as they cant cope so ya switching to something hence just use a rim.
Body shots, I haven't taken a body shot for years and never will again.
I just don't get the "compromise" as .20 is not as flat and forgiving as .177 and those that believe in hitting power is a must, they don't hit as hard as .22. There go pointless. I'm not saying they wont do the job but they don't offer a big enough advantage over the other two calibres to warrant changing unless they become the new .177 in lead free.
It's lucky that the cals don't just go 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm otherwise what would be the point of the point

And would that point too . 20

If opinions were ammo and loaded in a barrel some would get very choked