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Thread: A & M Custom Gunsmiths Marksman Silencer

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    A & M Custom Gunsmiths Marksman Silencer

    I just got one of these things.
    Plain black metal finish, as carbon fibre looks a bit too futuristic for an Ultra.

    I have been using a BSA Ultra CLX (beech stock) for back yard stuff with an Umarex K3 Neo and wanted to hush things up a bit for the neighbours.

    The Marksman is simply ridiculous.

    So much so, that I dragged my (entirely uninterested, unless it shoots arrows) wife out to the unlined, brick-walled, tiled roofed garden shed for a dry fire demo.

    Unsilenced. Pretty damn percussive and loud.

    K3 Neo. (Surprised, as I'd never compared it to shooting unsilenced. Why would you?) Took some of the edge off, but honestly it did not reduce the noise by very much at all.

    Marksman. ....Bit of a click from the trigger and whatever the firing mechanism gets up to. And nothing else from the pointy end.

    I was sort of hoping for it to be quieter, but never in a million years expected it to seal the noise up in a lead-lined coffin and bury it far out at sea...

    Quite often you get new toys and they are a bit of an improvement (placebo effect mostly, because it's new, you paid for it and you'll have to own up to your significant other sooner or later ...) but this is probably the most impressive device I've ever come across.
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    They sound great, Iím looking for a new silencer for my S410 carbine as I shoot near horses and need my gun to be as quiet as possible, my current Blade stubby silencer isnít quite enough for the job . Iím going to look into getting one of these Cheers

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