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Thread: Antiques on/off ticket.

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    @ Silvaa

    Yes you have to apply for the variation and pay unless it is a "One on one off".

    If you decide you no longer want to shoot it, or indeed want to sell it you simply have to send a written statement to the police saying you are no longer shooting it. I would assume you can then apply for a vaariation for something different and on the same basis "One on one off" you do not have to pay.

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    Antiques on/off ticket.

    I have in the past done this with little or no problems just a few questions to ensure they are section 58?, would I put 1 on my ticket in today's political climate, that would be a BIG NO, on ticket, they will reduce in value by 1/3 to 1/2 that's if you can find someone who wants 1 on ticket, sadly not many of us left these days.
    I think someone has already mentioned that ALL LIVE AMMO is on ticket, section 58 does not cover this.

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