Always looking for something to play around with brought forward this 177 SMK rifle. It was purchased used from a member of the other forum and was in excellent condition. The firing cycle was not particularly good or the power very high but it was amazingly accurate, its trigger was not too bad and it had a resonance on firing a shot.
So to work on it was a strip, degrease and deburr. the spring was typical SMK, cropped but not finished to lower the power to UK regs. A new spring of the same compressed length as the original was fitted after a full polish, lube and fitting of a piston liner. It fired very lively with that particular thwack you associate with a tuned gun, however, the energy produced was too hot so to get it to 11.4fpe the ends of the spring were collapsed to get it legal. Once it was there, the trigger was next in line for some attention as it fired single stage only. I soon found out why as the 2nd stage screw was missing, once replaced and set up it proved very good in fact excellent. Looking at it, the gun is a copy of an AA TX200 which appears to have a copy of an old Titan trigger from its heritage which has been copied onto this gun and has 3 adjustment screws.
How true to an exact copy of the TX200 this gun is I have no idea but asking several TX shooters to try it and comment led to some surprises, 3 guys reckoned it was as good as their TX's, another guy reckoned it was better and another guy shot 3 pellets through the same hole and wanted to buy it. Later tests proved it to group best with Superfield with Barracuda Light a close second.
One thing about the gun that niggled was its finish which was a creamy coloured varnish, however, with that removed there was a half decent piece of beech with a little grain pattern under it. After giving it 2 coats of spirit stain and 23 coats of raw linseed it started to come up much better and eventually hardened off to a nice sheen.