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Thread: Entering Reloads on FAC

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    I was asked by my then FEO if I reloaded and I replied yes and showed him my reloading room, I asked him reason as I have been reloading for 40 odd years. He said I should be recording info on my cert. but if ammo was purchased from a dealer and was recorded on the ticket then I didnít have to add my reloads and left it at that. The only thing went in my favour I have multiple calibres and could fill slots every 1/2 yearly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amc577 View Post
    Our Northants FAC are just 8 inches by 5.5 inches.. no possibility of recording reloads on such a small document..

    Is it that FEO seem to think that they know whats what and your expected to jump through the hoops,I record how many I reload each time ,l usually load my max allowed in one or two goes unless I am trying something different,As for keeping spent primers usually knock the container over,they are welcome to check my Henry cleaner,.I was told to still purchase a few boxes every now and then just so there's an entry,I have missed a few range days due to illness or holiday but will see next year when my renewal is due,oh would the empty powder container count
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    Just had renewal inspection.
    Ammo check revealed about 10 each of reloads. Not too interested.
    Haven't bought stuff for years!
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    Quote Originally Posted by andrew375 View Post
    The only thing a certificate holder is allowed to write on their certificate is their signature! All other entries are for transfers firearms or ammunition to the certificate holder. You cannot transfer something from yourself to yourself.
    Under certain circumstances you can.
    I'm RFD and also hold two FACs in my name (one as club sec.) I can transfer ammunition from my RFD to the FACs in my name.
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    this is and always has been the case, for those that want to put individual rounds 1 after another dont be surprised if your licence is not renewed, owning a gun is a responsibilty and if you want to make it harder for the police good luck! as a licence holder you should know how much ammo you can be in possession of at any one time, do not exceed this, also by putting it on your licence as homeloads as you should do, it shows you use your gun, likewise no ammo no need to have a gun!!! think like the general public who will listen to your expensive appeal, and judge you on your paperwork, remember, most of the non shooting public will be the jury!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrvbull View Post
    also by putting it on your licence as homeloads as you should do,
    If I understood what you wrote correctly, you're saying a reloader should write their reloads on the FAC?

    I can find no mention of this in the various legislations or guides, can you help with a reference?
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