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Thread: Hello Shooters!

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    Hello Shooters!

    Hello all!

    My name is Roger, friends call me RoJones... but it's a long story

    I am Brazilian living in the UK for 6 years. Alway been involved with pellets and general shooting since I was a kid and finally I am back to spend some time with this amazing hobbie / sport.

    I am looking to my second riffle. But how second if I am just starting? Well I started to visit some shops around my place and in one small shop from an old man - amazing person by the way - he started to show me some second hand ones... not really interesting things until he brought me an original model 75 from 1977. beautiful. It shoots peeeerfectly. Love at first sight

    So I bought it. Now I want to being it to capable hands to do general service and change the Ratchet covers and the seals. So, if you know someone please directly them to me, appreciated the help in advance.

    About the second riffle, that's going to be the principal one, I was thinking in a PCP one to avoid being braking every single shot. I am thinking about the Remington Airacobra. My main issue is every review I read about all rifles I was looking, says all rifles are good; all opinions I read in discussion, everybody says it's bad and there's other options for the money - but normally don't mention what are they. So your opinion matters to me as well, if you would like to share I am really interested.

    Last but not least I am in Warwickshire and all club members or people around that wants to chat about guns, cigars and cars, I am all in.

    Cheers, have fun!

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    Ola Rojones Welcome to the forum. There will be many who can give you advice.
    The more I think I know, the more I realise the less I know.

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    welcome to this great forum enjoy it

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    For what itís worth

    Hi. you donít say whether you want it for pest control or target competition like HFT or FT

    As you mentioned being in a club I guess it is HFT/FT or benchrest

    Dependant on budget I would recommend the AirArms range as a very good starting point

    A good S200 would be difficult to beat

    S400 or s410 with Roman single shot loader gives good flexibility

    HFT500 is top quality unregulated

    FTP900 is Top quality regulated

    Many thanks

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